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How to Handle Bats in Your Home This Fall

Though discovering a bat in your home might appear frightening, you don’t have to be afraid. The bat is more afraid of the situation than you are and the chance they will bite you is very low.  Bats in a home are dangerous for much bigger reasons than just biting, which calls for an immediate reaction. If you come across a bat in your home, you should immediately contact a animal removal company to get those bats out of your Milwaukee home. Before the animal is safely removed from the home, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Baby bat rescued from a home.

How to Handle Bats in Your Home?

Bats are particularly dangerous due to the diseases they can carry.  Rabies, bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in bat guano, make them undesired guests in human homes. If you suspect that there are bats present in your home, there are a couple of things that need to be done:

Protect yourself. Bats prefer dark, stuffy areas like attics and sheds, which can make DIY removal very difficult and dangerous. Professional animal control technicians have the equipment and know-how on safe and humane handling of the bats. The best thing you can do is close all doors and windows in the area they are and then call the experts.

Detect all bats. Before calling a pest removal service to treat the bat problem in your Milwaukee home, make sure to look for the exact location of the bats. It will make it easier for the technicians to assess the situation, and it will help them respond faster.

Disinfect the area after removal.  Animal removal technicians will remove all of the bats from your property and ensure that there aren’t any additional access points. They will also perform a complete clean up of the guano feces and other filth from the area. The health of your family and pets is very important to our Skedaddle technicians.

Seal possible bat entry points. If your home is providing easy entry spots for bats, you can expect recurring invasions. To avoid such outcome, Skedaddle will be sure to inspect windows and attics for cracks and holes. They will close up any spots that bats could use to get inside the house to prevent this problem from happening again.

Install bat houses. Something homeowners can do to prevent bats from seeking refuge in their property is providing the bats a different home. If you set up a bat house, or a couple of them, near your home, bats won’t find it necessary to try breaking in.

Bat feces could point to a colony living in your home.

Looking for a Reliable Animal Control Company? Skedaddle Milwaukee is Here

If you suspect a bat presence in your home, you shouldn’t try to remove them by yourself. You could get hurt or risk being infected. Instead, call a team of qualified experts in pest removal to come in and inspect your home. Skedaddle Milwaukee technicians know how to get rid of the bats without compromising the health of you and your family, but also to avoid causing unnecessary pain to these, otherwise friendly, animals.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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