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It’s Fall and the Second Mating Season of Squirrels

While most people enjoy the sight of squirrels on their property, seeing a high number of them is an sign that they could be mating and you could soon be facing a squirrel problem in your property. Squirrels are friendly creatures, and it’s hard to imagine why one wouldn’t want to have them around. They’re still wild animals that can cause a good amount of damage to a home if an expert removal company doesn’t intervene. If you’re unsure if you’re facing a squirrel problem in your Milwaukee home, understanding some of their habits is a great place to start.

Grey squirrels making their home under a deck.

Squirrel Mating Behavior That Should Trigger a Warning

Proofing your home against squirrels is the responsible thing to do if you want to avoid invasions and damage to the homes infrastructure. A pest control expert should inspect your home to identify possible squirrel entry spots and install proper removal tools in case you already have some of them inside. Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs to be mindful of during mating season.

Fall and spring is the time to watch. Twice a year, female squirrels will attract about 10 male squirrels to mate. The courting ritual involves chasing after a female, which could very easily be mistaken for them playing. As soon as you see a couple of squirrels chasing around your home, it’s time to get some expert advice.

Watch for nest building. The female will be looking to build a nest before she gives birth. It will happen during February and June, which is the time to inspect for nests. You could have a baby squirrel in your home from January to May, so look closely and don’t exclude squirrels on your own. If you seal a mother’s exit spot, she might chew her way out, resulting in additional damage. If you seal her away from her nests, she’ll make countless attempts to break in, again, destroying your home.

Baby squirrels are a looming danger. If there are baby squirrels present in your home, they could potentially cause damage as the grow. They can cause damage to wooden framing, electrical wires, shingles, and insulation.

All things considered, preventing damage from squirrels starts as soon as you notice squirrels on the property. There are more than enough reasons for you to seek out expert help because squirrel-proofing the home on your own, or trying to remove these animals without expert knowledge could easily go wrong.


Do You Suspect Squirrels Mating Near Your Home? Call Skedaddle Milwaukee

Expert squirrel removal intervention is the best option for your Milwaukee home for numerous reasons. Installing exclusion tools could result in disaster if you don’t have enough skill to work in areas such as chimneys and vents. Excluding squirrels on your own could pose negative consequences for you and the squirrel. A female with babies left behind will try to get through every possible spot to get back in, and a trapped one will do the same to get out. Expert technicians from Skedaddle Milwaukee will inspect your home and install screens across all possible entry spots, suggesting the proper repairs to protect your home.

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