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Montreal Mouse Control

We love this video here at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control  because it illustrates perfectly what we’ve always told Montreal homeowners about mice. These pesky rodents are capable of squeezing themselves into the tiniest of cracks and crevices around your home. In this case the mice are entering the weep gap left by builders to ventilate brick walls. Once inside your walls or attic, mice find warmth, protection from predators and a place to hoard food and have babies.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control  technicians visit thousands of homes each year for various wildlife and rodent related problems and while it doesn’t come up at most dinner parties, we can tell you that most of houses have evidence of mice. We typically find that evidence in the attic, where most don’t venture, in the form of droppings and trails through the insulation.

Mouse droppings behind the stove

Mouse droppings behind the stove are more common that you’d think

So what can you do about a mouse infestation?

Upon discovering a mouse infestation most people in Montreal might call an exterminator in search of help, but are they truly equipped to tackle the problem? Poison is the standard method used by most Montreal exterminators. The mice eat the poison and die – problem solved. Seems simple, right?

Not so fast, here are some things to consider before you spread dangerous rodent poisons around your home.

How are the mice getting in?

Poisons might kill a few mice but if you have an infestation that means there are entry holes on the outside of your house. The mice are coming and going from somewhere. Filling your home with poison isn’t going to stop other mice in your neighborhood from continually entering your home and reproducing.

Female mice can give birth to up to ten litters in a single year making it nearly impossible to kill them faster than they can multiply. In most cases frustrated homeowners end up on a never ending treadmill of costly service calls to exterminators that never eradicate the problem.

Alternate food sources

If the mice in your home are surviving off bird seed from your neighbour’s feeder or items in your pantry they may never go for the poison.


When exterminators leave unsecured pellets or blocks around your home they’re putting your family and pets at risk. It takes time for poison to kill a mouse, usually several days, in that time they will track poison throughout your home on their fur, paws and in their droppings. If ingested by a child or pet it could make them very sick.

What can Skedaddle do for you?

When it comes to dealing with a mouse infestation Skedaddle begins by performing a thorough inspection of your home. Our technicians are trained to identify and seal mouse entry points. We then use one-way doors to force the mice inside your home to exit.

Best of all, our workmanship and materials come with a lifetime guarantee. If you’ve ever had a mouse in the house or heard scratching in the walls then call us today! 514 395 4555.

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