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Raccoons, Your Roof, and You

Raccoons are one of the most destructive urban mammals. Their strength alone, combined with their determination to get food and shelter make for a potentially costly combination.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control recorded the activity of a pair of mating raccoons coming and going from an attic:

Here are a few key takeaways to remember when faced with a raccoon infestation:

Deal with raccoons now before baby season

Raccoon gestation is approx. 63-65 days so babies would arrive in March. The presence of babies can complicate a removal, making it more difficult, costly and can potentially cause more damage.

A damaged roof vent is a potential leak hazard

As a homeowner it’s important to act quickly if you notice any damaged roof vents. You will see in the video a new roof vent and screening being installed to avoid future damage. If left as is, the risk for re-entry and water damage is highly likely.

Hands on removal combined with a one-way door

Hands on removal is best, but only one raccoon exited while we were inside the attic. The other raccoon hid elsewhere in the attic and therefore a one-way door was installed to allow it to leave in search of food. We can’t always see into every corner, so playing the waiting game is just as effective in this case.

Den site odours attract other animals

Once the raccoons were gone a squirrel came by to investigate, picking up on the hormonal scent of the previous tenants. A properly secured entry point will prevent other animals from getting inside. Deodorizing and cleaning up den sites reduces scent cues, and avoids attracting other species to your roof.

When in doubt, always consult a professional.

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