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Some signs you may have a rat or mouse infestation

Rats and mice are common rodents that seek solace in homes across the globe. The creatures often move into a home due to a continuous food source, to keep warm or to avoid any predators. When rats or mice enter the home, they can wreak havoc on your food supply as well as other areas of your home. As a homeowner, you should learn the signs of intrusion by the rodents to be able to determine if you have a problem and have the rodents removed via a rat removal service. Below are a few common tell-tale signs that you have rodents in the home.

Rat activity in the basement

Food Source

One of the most common reasons rats will enter the home is due to food. Many homeowners have unsecured bird seed, pet food or pantry items in their home or garage that can attract rodents. Once inside the home, the rodents will begin to raid your pantry or cabinets, chewing through boxes of pre-packed foods. This will see foods ruined as well as contaminated. When you start to see signs of chewing around food or missing food items, than mice or rats are most likely the culprit.


Mouse droppings found below a kitchen sink

Another common sign that mice and rats are present is they leave behind droppings. Feces of mice and rats are easy to spot and will occur on their usual path of travel. Most of the time, you will see droppings along the walls or baseboards of the home which is a sure sign that mice are present. It is the path where you find the droppings that can be used to place humane traps during wildlife removal services in order to get rid of rats from your home.

Seeing is Believing

Of course, if you see a mouse or rat in the home, then you know they are present. This is a sure sign and you should contact wildlife removal services immediately. A plan of action will need to be created to remove the rodents from your home and preventative measures put in place to keep mice or rats from coming inside again in the future.

Contact Service Removal

Once you begin to see the signs of mice or rats in the home, it’s time to contact service removal. You need them removed so that your home is not subject to feces and urine as well as contaminated food items. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer quality mice and rat removal services so you can rest easy knowing that your home is clear of unwanted guests.

Our technicians are highly trained and specialize in wildlife removal service. Our team can easily remove the mice or rats from the home and cut off entry and exit points so the rodents cannot come inside again in the future. When you begin to notice signs of mice or rats, be sure to give our team a call. We are happy to assist with removal services and clear your home of any rodent problem.

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