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Milwaukee Bat Removal: Signs you may have a bat problem

As a Milwaukee citizen, from time to time you’ll discover bats inside of your home. This is a normal occurrence with structures that have not had the benefit of bat exclusion services. Bats are amazing creatures that serve a critical role in the earth’s ecosystem but they also come with diseases and other undesirable impacts. This is why at the first sign of bat presence you should contact a bat removal company to treat your Milwaukee home. But how can you tell if you’re unwitting hosts to these flying mammals?

Signs You have Bats


Like other animals who invade your home, bats will leave their droppings behind. This is one of the most tangible signs of bat presence. Bat droppings are dark brown in color and carry the shape of rice grains. Unfortunately, this also fits the description for many other types of wildlife droppings. This is why experts are important. They can distinguish between animal droppings despite the similarities.

If you see bats flying to and from your attic, or any other place in the house for that matter, this is an obvious sign of a bat problem. Bats sometimes wander into other areas of the home as they try to make their way around in the attic and get lost. Once you spot a bat in your home, it is recommended to contact experts like Skedaddle to further investigate areas like the attic to see how serious of a situation it is.

Bat movement in the attic will result in sounds coming from that area. Even though they are excellent flight navigators, thanks to their natural build in sonar system, they occasionally get trapped in compartments of the attic. As they frantically try to get free, you’ll hear them colliding with the walls of vents or wooden beams in smaller, more restricted areas of the home. Oily streaks along certain areas in your home may also be an indication that bats are around. Other stains can be seen on ceilings as cumulated bat urine seeps through the flooring of the attic. There is an odor that is associated with bats. It comes from a combination of bat urine and droppings and is quite strong especially when you get closer to their nests.

What to Do About Bats


If you come across a single bat in one of the more commonly used areas in your home, experts advise that you remain calm. You can try to coax the bat out by closing all doors and windows except one (the one leading to outdoors). You then need to wait until the bat finds its way out before closing the external door or window. However, a colony of bats is a different matter altogether though. This requires the expert intervention of the most effective bat removal company you can find in Milwaukee. This is where teams like Skedaddle come in. Skedaddle can safely and humanely remove all bats and traces of their presence from your home. Once removal is thoroughly complete, these technicians will get to work installing humane and effective bat exclusion barriers that will help to prevent future invasions. These exclusion devices are also ideal for those who live in bat occupied territories as preventive measures before the season when bats try to move into homes.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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