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Squirrel Deterrent Tips This Spring For Your Backyard

Despite being very cute when they hold a piece of food in their little paws and nibble at it, squirrels are equally considered pests in the city, suburbs and the country. Squirrels have adapted well to city life and can be a major sources of frustration for homeowners and gardeners. Among the types of damage squirrels typically cause homeowners are:

● Chewing holes in your roof to access your attic
● Digging up your garden bulbs
● Making a mess of your garden
● Digging holes in your lawn
● Eating all of your birdseed
● Gnawing on wooden fence posts

As a result, many homeowners are looking for ways to deter squirrels from their backyards. If you are considering squirrel deterrent options as well, keep reading.

Red squirrels feasting on fallen bird seed during winter

Common Problems And Tips


One of the most common problems with pest squirrels is the fact that they have a habit of feeding on landscape or vegetable garden plants and digging up grass in people’s yards. There are several options you can use here, though pepper spray is among the most convenient ones. Other types of sprays can act as more effective squirrel deterrents because they have a foul taste or odour. Motion sensored sprinklers that spray water when activated can also help protect gardens. One thing you should steer clear of are visual deterrents, as they are usually not effective in the long run.

What To Do If Squirrels Are Digging Up Garden Bulbs In Your Yard?


Placing heavy gauge wire over the entire area where you have garden bulbs is an effective way to stop squirrels from digging them up. To ensure success, try burying the fence about an inch underground. As a result, the plants will grow through the holes in the fence. However, squirrels will not be able to get through the netting. When purchasing the wire fence, make sure to buy one with holes that are at least an inch in size so that the plants can grow through it.

Bird Feeder Problems


Squirrels also have a habit of devouring all the seed that is put out for the birds. The critters will gorge themselves on the feed as they are big eaters and their activity can scare birds away. Even though squirrel-proof bird feeders are easily and widely available, you should know that they are pricey. Usually purchased by serious bird lovers, expect to pay upwards of $75 for entry-level units. Even then, birds are messy eaters and squirrels will feast on any seed that hits the ground.

DIY tip: If you want to try a homemade squirrel deterrent tip for making sure squirrels stay away from your birdfeeder, try mixing pepper-based additives into the seed mix. This is an effective tip and one that will not affect the birds you’re hoping to attract.

A stockpile of pine cones inside an attic helps red squirrels survive long winters

Looking To Remove Squirrels From Your Home And Property Professionally? Try Skedaddle


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the perfect solution for squirrels that persistently plague your yard and property. DIY methods of discouraging squirrels from damaging your property and destroying your lawn decoration efforts may or may not be effective. On the other hand, a method that is 100% effective is calling in professional squirrel removal services, which is something Skedaddle does best. With nearly three decades of pest control experience, Skedaddle offers reliable and effective squirrel removal services to homeowners throughout Canada. Call Skedaddle today and ensure your property and lawn remain beautifully decorated and squirrel-free for seasons to come.

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