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Santa has Come and Gone, So Who’s That in my Chimney?

Now that cold weather is here Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control will get more calls of squirrels, birds and raccoons going down chimneys and invading homes. Uncapped chimneys, openings into attics, rotting roofs and loose shingles are all invitations to animals … Continue reading

Why Wildlife Infestations in Urban Areas Increase Every Day

Whether it is the mountain lion living on the edge of Los Angeles, the thousands of feral chickens running around Miami or the thousands of raccoons in Toronto, the facts are indisputable- Many North American species have successfully adapted to … Continue reading

Four more raccoons test positive for rabies in Hamilton, total Number of Cases Rises to 10

  Four more raccoons have tested positive for rabies in Hamilton, bringing the total number of area cases to 10. Six of those diseased raccoons have been found in Glanbrook, including two of the latest positive tests identified on the … Continue reading

The Importance of Cleaning Your Home after an Animal Invasion

When wildlife takes up residence inside your home it can be pretty stressful for you and your family. For most people, the immediate concern is removing the animals and preventing them from getting back in. Getting rid of troublesome raccoons, … Continue reading

Neutralizing Skunk Odor in Pets

  Dogs can be very curious. If your dog encounters a skunk it is likely to get sprayed if it insists on checking out this newly found creature. When a skunk is startled it will make a peculiar purring sound, sometimes growling.  … Continue reading