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We're here to help throughout
the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

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  • Had Yellow Jacket nest in ground in garden. They were very careful about not leaving any residue to harm butterflies, honey bees or other beneficials in the garden. Very good.
  • We called because we suspected a squirrel in our crawl space of our attic. James was able to make it out here the same day and our technician, Dillon was here the next day. They were both very professional and was able to assess the situation for us and place the roof vent covers on for us. Dillon... Read More
  • It works! We had a small mouse colony forming in our attic. Skedaddle responded quickly in setting up a time and took proper measures to seal our home. They had to make a 2nd visit to touch up some of the vents, but ever since they came we have been mice free! No more noises in the attic and no sign... Read More
  • We are absolutely thrilled Brandon fixed our birds nesting in the soffit problem on the hottest day of the year! All work was done in a timely and personable manner. This is the second time that we have hired Skedaddle (each time a different issue).The fact that Skedaddle guarantees their work... Read More
  • Our dogs discovered that we had a skunk that had dug a hole into a crawlspace underneath an extension at the back of our house. Given that a skunk can do a lot of damage, we called around for someone to remove it.The first company to get back to us was Skedaddle. From the initial assessment and e... Read More